E2 activity

11 August 2014 |   News  

In the E2 activity, A.P.M. Gorj mounted information panels related to the 6 points of camping areas: Pestisani, Tismana and Pades. Also in the Tismana area were installed and billboards related habitat Castanea sativa 9260, its location was made in ...

(Română) Workshopul Biodiversitatea & Natura in arii protejate

27 May 2014 |   ,Evenimente in cadrul proiectului,News  

(Română) European Congress on Chestnut

15 November 2013 |   Evenimente proiect Life / Networking,News  

(Română) Conferinta cu participare internationala a Facultatii de Inginerie

15 November 2013 |   Evenimente proiect Life / Networking,News  

Networking – Franta

15 November 2013 |   Evenimente proiect Life / Networking,News  

(Română) Workshop anual privind protectia si conservarea ariilor naturale protejate

15 November 2013 |   Evenimente in cadrul proiectului,News  

Celebration of Biodiversity, the European Day of National Parks and World Environment Day 2013

Environmental Protection Agency Gorj, on 27.05.2013 organized actions dedicated "Biodiversity Day" European Day of National Parks "and" World Environment Day "2013. Actions were held at Cave Closani Information Centre, in ...

Overview – juniper

31 May 2013 |   News  

The habitat 4070* is one of the five priority habitats identified into 92/43/EEC Directive concerning the natural habitats conservation , of wild flora and fauna, that can be found on the area of the Natura area 2000 RO SCI 0129 ...


31 May 2013 |   News  

Sweet chestnut is a Mediterranean species, naturally (and naturalised) widespread in Europe since Spain until the Balkan Peninsula, where it passes into Asia Minor and the Caucasus including Japan and the Southeastern part of the U.S.  In Africa shows a ...

(Română) Studiu tehnico-economic

12 March 2013 |   News