C1 Activity – 4070 * habitat restoration – scrubs with Pinus Mugo and Rhododendron Myrtifolium

1 August 2015  |   News  

On a hot day with temperatures above 37-38 Celsius degrees, we went in the Massif Oslea at altitudes above 1700 m, where, on the location of 4070 * habitat restoration – scrubs with Pinus mugo and Rhododendron Myrtifolium, a team from OS (Forestry District) Brincusi was working to prepare the sites for planting saplings of Pinus Mugo in September 2015.

The access road to Oslea Pick is passing by Hunedoara County, through OS (Forestry District) Uricani, where the land allows us access by car only on a relatively small portion of approx. 1 km on the west bank of Jiu River, from where we have to climb backpacking and supporting with hands over four hours on steep slopes, abundant forest vegetation, on a tormenting heat, to finally reach in safety the team of workers who prepare the sites for Pinus Mugo saplings.

Here, the weather is milder, the vegetation on the location is hard to remove, human efforts are very high, but the results are extremely good.

So far, there have been prepared approximately 5,000 sites, and the 30,000 sites will be completed by the end of August.

The team of workers is organized in a summer camp with tents and necessary equipment.

The descent is also laborious and it was made on the route that is going to be arranged for road transportation of Pinus Mugo saplings onsite and the nutritional supplement material in sites.