D2 activity – travel in Mount Oslea July 2014

11 August 2014  |   News  

APM Gorj UIP  team Coordinating beneficiary in the “Conservative management of habitats ROSCI0129 4070 * and 9260 in Western North Gorj, Gorj county “, together with OS Brancusi representatives, activity C1 subcontractors -4070 * habitat restoration scrubs with Pinus mugo and Rhododendron myrtifolium, we went mountain area Oslea on Pinus Mugo site habitat restoration.

The main objective movement was the knowledge by subcontractor of location of Pinus Mugo in the field, determination technique was performed using GPS and monitoring habitat 4070 * – activitateD2

It also has come a foot by moving from place Uricani to Ox Creek, then climbed on the stream temporarily, Ox creek, until “Tail Mountain Oslea”.

Moving up to the habitat restoration was done on contour parallel to the ridge trail at 1640 m variable altitude.

Restoration habitat area, shows Bush with Iuniperus – 5130 habitat that can not be removed from the perimeter cut, but should be preserved as conservation measures provided in the A1 activity study.

From here, return to Uricani was done on an old logging road, possible equipment transport route, material saplings, workers, order to implement C1 activity by site organization, surroundings juniper habitat restoration site.

To note that the recovery has a high degree of difficulty in terms of both moving in the area, and the land where they will perform the work of planting.

Established by mutual agreement with the subcontractors that will be notified on the route chosen by them, and will we move as described in the project to verify the works that will take place on site.