Planting Pinus Mugo – 2015

9 October 2015  |   News  

Starting with 5 September 2015, the PIU team of the coordinating beneficiary EPA Gorj, together with O.S. Brincusi subcontractor, went to the site of restoration 4070* habitat – Pinus Mugo & Rhododendron Myrtifolium in order to begin the action of planting Pinus Mugo saplings in Oslea Mountain site.

Pinus Mugo saplings in foil bags with nutrients were loaded into crates since the evening of September 4, 2015 and transported by car starting at 4.00 o’clock in the morning, as the route of ascent is through Jiu Valley, area with daily restricted traffic, that road being rehabilitated.

The path followed is difficult taking into account the distance: Geamanu Nursery – at an altitude of 960m Pestisani – Tg-Jiu – Petrosani – Uricani – West Jiu – Mount Oslea.

The bad weather, with temperatures varying between 3 degrees and maximum 10 degrees, with isolated rain, made the transport of saplings from the forestry road towards Oslea peak to be very difficult, helped by cabled TAF, while workers along with the specialists travelled the route on foot.

In the area, O.S. Brincusi has already finalized the access road, road necessary to transport the planting material (saplings of Pinus Mugo in polyethylene bags with nutrient), up to an altitude of approx. 1500 m, followed by foot climbing up to 1760 m altitude, with materials necessary for plantation enclosure.

The work of digging the 30,000 sites for planting Pinus Mugo saplings, which was carried out under C1 activity – 4070 * habitat restoration – scrubs with Pinus Mugo and Rhododendron Myrtifolium has been fully completed.

Arrived at 1760 m altitude, workers along with the specialists started planting the first Pinus Mugo saplings. The sites that were prepared comply with the forestry requirements, having enough moisture, thus creating optimum conditions for planting. The only obstacle was the cold and brief rains that occur during the day.

Work is continued until the completion of planting 30,000 Pinus Mugo saplings.