Visit students Timisoara

9 November 2017  |   ,Evenimente in cadrul proiectului,News  

Between 6 and 8 November, students from years 3 and 4 from the Faculty of Horticulture and Forestry Timisoara participated in a study visit in the area of ​​the Forestry Department Gorj, O.S. Tismana, having one of the objectives to be implemented Visit to the habitat restoration area 9260 Castanea sativa.

The forestry representatives of the O.S. Tismana together with the technical team of the project “Conservative management of 4070 * and 9260 habitats in ROSCI North West Gorj, Gorj county” Life 11 NAT / RO / 825, which was presented to them by students and teachers .jr. Elisabeta JUVELOIU Project manager, objectives and expected results of the project as well as the evolution of the main activities C2 and C3 in the matter – rehabilitation of habitat 9260 – Castanea sativa by biological treatments of 60 ha and replanting in integrum of 25 ha.

The maps from the D.S. Gorj and presentation brochures for the Life 11NAT / RO / 825 project.

After the theoretical presentation, of the exchange of theoretical information, the visit was made to the 3 forest plots where chestnut seedlings were planted, plots with different planting stages, one year and 2 plots, respectively, which are currently working on preparing the land by cutting the vegetation. existing, especially the fern as well as the preparation of the windows in order to plant the chestnut seedlings.

It was an optimum period of planting with the necessary humidity and temperatures specific to the autumn season.

Project manager ing.jr Elisabeta JUVELOIU transmitted to the students the urge to access European funds in order to implement the different actions meant to ensure the biodiversity in Romania as well as the forest fund maintaining at the current level and improving its management. Certainly there are young specialists eager to take over the current monitoring and conservation needs of Romania’s natural capital.