Restoration of 10 hectares of shrubs destroyed 4070 * with Pinus mugo and Rhododendron myrtifolium;

– Organic reconstruction of 60 ha of forest, Castanea sativa 9260, by biological methods (and forestry) to treat cancer.

– Restoration (through chestnut groves) of the total of 25 hectares of forest destroyed 9260 Castanea sativa.

– Adequate infrastructure restored habitat, including small-scale infrastructure for visitors to control tourism in these areas.

– Informative materials: 5 boards for habitats information, 12 boards from small-scale infrastructure for visitors, project presentation brochure 1000, 10 000 pieces guide promoting ecotourism in the protected area with the slogan “Change your attitude, protect nature “in ROSCI 0129, two banners, 100 posters, 10 000 / DVDs CDs informational materials, including photos and videos, 1000 leaflets on natural habitats management, 3000 ecology manuals for children.

– 10 project events, including the launch of The Chestnut Festival.

– Target groups made aware of the value of biodiversity and project funding.